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NOTICE:  We try to accurately depict the color and color shades of our stones, but all monitors are calibrated differently and we cannot guarantee that the color of an item is exactly like what you see from on your particular computer screen.  Photos are NOT to scale and usually are enlarged to show product detail.  Please read the item details about the product size prior to making purchase.  The size of the beads and the length of the strands are approximate and cannot be guaranteed due to inconsistencies in the stone cutting process. 

IMPORTANT INFO: We have a NO RETURN policy on bead products, please read our Return PolicyPlease contact us if you have any questions BEFORE ordering your products.

Please note that we are a Retail Business and do not offer wholesale discounts. We do however, offer occasional promotions and have sales, please sign up for the EMAIL NEWSLETTER to receive these offers. 

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NO.  We cannot produce a catalog of our products because many of the items are "one-of-a-kind" and once sold they are gone!

We do not have any minimums - no minimum order amount or quantity.

Our web site operates in REAL time . . . so the current "in stock" quantity should be accurate. Occasionally we make an error in these quantities so IF something is Out of Stock on your order we will issue a credit back to your card for that amount. We DO NOT place items on back order, because although many things are restockable, we never know how soon we will be able to get something back in stock, due to our products coming from dozens of different suppliers.  NOTE:   If you choose to ADD TO CART something that is out of stock but says it is "restockable", we will CANCEL that item due the the explanation above.

We know that buying something from a photograph over the internet can make potential customers a little skeptical! We strive to provide the best products we can find and the majority of items we sell we have been hand selected! The photographs on our web site are the actual picture of the product you will be getting . . . that's right we photograph EVERYTHING! (of course the exception would be on something common, like Round Beads or Chip strands).We have attempted to accurately depict the products offered on the Site. The true color of a stone will be viewed differently depending upon your computer monitor settings and products also may appear larger or smaller than its actual size SO please read the sizing details for a product before buying it! Most photographs have been enlarged to show detail and all measurements are approximate.We do our very BEST to accurately represent a product, but please contact us if you have any specific questions about something. NOTE:  Please read ourReturn Policybefore buying

Well since we live here in Texas, you can guess that we have to travel quite a lot to find the specialty stones we carry! YES we take to the air 3-4 times a year and travel to wholesale shows as well as visit our suppliers showrooms.   Over the years we have located the best shows and suppliers who know what we are looking for and can provide those EXTRAordinary & "hard-to-find" stones.

90% of the stones we carry have been hand selected. We buy from a lot of different suppliers in order to find the variety of "hard-to-find" stones we carry. Then we spend a lot of time digging through piles & hanks of strands and picking out the very best we can find. We try to select the best in quality that is available at the time, but I want to say that we do not examine each bead or strand with a magnifying glass (as someone recently suggested)! Please remember that these are natural stones (rocks that is) and we are NOT selling "precious" stones but "semi-precious" stones, so every stone is NOT going to be PERFECT! NOTE:  Please read our Return Policy before buying. Each different stones has it's own characteristics and different imperfection issues . . . here are a few examples:

  • Gaspeite . . is usually full of pits and has lots of brown matrix
  • Larimar . . . nice is very hard to find because the stone has a lot of the host rock in it.  Also larimar is NOT just sky blue but coloring can be blue/grey to greenish. 
  • Ruby Zoisite . . . doesn't take well to polishing and often has chalky edges around where the holes have been drilled.
  • Jaspers & Agates. . . these are hard stones and often have small holes or "pits" in them.
  • Colorful patterns. . . we try to select the MOST colorful stones & patterns we can find, but when we purchase a strand and cut it to sell it individually, there are ALWAYS going to be a few "less" colorful and patterned stones in that group, so we cannot guarantee they all will look the same or be as colorful.

We try not to purchase any stones that are dyed or color treated and when buying from suppliers, if we suspect something is color treated, then we ask.  If it is, we don't buy it.  The exception to this is Coral which has been separated into "dyed" or "natural" categories.  NOTICE that we have to depend upon our suppliers to provide accurate information about stone treatments and sometimes the information we have received may be incorrect.   We therefore cannot guarantee that a stone is NOT color treated.   Common stones like carnelian, garnet, aquamarine and iolite that are cut in India factories may be either heated or dyed.
95% of the Turquoise for sale on the market today is "stabilized" (a process using pressure and heat to fill the microscopic gaps in the stone with plastic resin, thus making the stone hard enough to cut and polish) by the manufacturer. We have no way of knowing IF a stone is or is not stabilized unless our supplier tells us it's 100% natural, in which case we would state "Natural" in the item description.  We therefore assume that ALL the Turquoise beads we sell have been stabilized, unless marked "natural".

We sell our cabochons by piece and not by weight since many of them are "backed" and the weight and thickness of the backing material varies & could add to the overall weight. Often cabochons have been backed to add strength to the stone that will easily be covered by a bezel setting. By putting epoxy on the back before shaping the cabochon, it helps prevent the material from splintering during the cutting. A product, such as the Devcon or Plastic Weld is being bonded to one side of the stone. This is a common practice that Native American Indian cutters have used for many years. NOTE, all cabs that have backing will say so in the item description.