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About Us

In August of 2019, we celebrated 17 years of selling gemstone beads online at www.StonesNSilver.com .  I would like to thank our many loyal customers for making our web store a success all these years and also thank Our Lord for His never ending GRACE in this business venture.  There are so many things to be thankful for like founding the business with my Mom, Ann Willenborg (she went to heaven in Jan. 2015), then my daughter Shelby Rich joining in during high school to handle all the shipping.  In August of 2007 we opened a Retail Bead Store which was closed after 7 1/2 years.  It's always exciting each year to see what new gemstones might have been discovered & mined and to search for the cool and unusual gemstone "finds", always looking for the highest quality of whatever is available.

- Terry Rich


About UsOn January 24, 2015 our beloved Mom, Grandma and business partner, Ann Willenborg passed away. Ann will be remembered for her bright smile and a joyful, sweet spirit.  Her life showed the light of Jesus Christ.  John 8:12.  My heart is filled with great thankfulness and awe that God has given me so many wonderful years with Mom. We will miss her everyday but rejoice in knowing she is in the arms of Jesus and with those who went home to heaven before her.  Praise our Father God and creator for the precious gift of His Son who died for us so that we could spend an eternity reunited in glory!  John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 


We believe that gemstones are a part of God's creation for mankind.  As with all of God's creation, it is for His glory and man's benefit.  Even with the fallen state of mankind, God gave such great gifts as gemstones.  And the greatest gift He gave was His uniquely born Son, who left heaven to become a man, to receive the judgment for our sins on a Cross.  That's why the greatest gift you can ever receive in this world is not a gemstone, but the perfect gem, the Lord Jesus Christ.  When you believe in Him as your Lord and Savior (Acts 16:31, Joh 3:16), you are saved from your sins, and you now have the gift of eternal life forever and ever (Rom 6:23, Joh 5:24).  
When you learn more and more about gemstones . . . the huge variety, shapes, colors and beauty, you can realize just how many blessings God has given for us all to enjoy on this earth!   Gemstones are mentioned time and time again in the Bible . . . the high priest’s breastplate as a manifestation of God's grace, the city of the New Jerusalem in Heaven which reflects the glory of God, worn as a covering by Satan before he rebelled . . . but no where in the Bible does God give healing power to gemstones.  The healing power is in Christ and His Word.  For all things are possible with God! 


We have RARE beads . . . 
we buy from bead suppliers all over the country, we seek out hard-to-find gemstone beads that you won't find anywhere else on the WWW!
We have BEAUTIFUL beads . . . we try to hand pick all of our strands so that you are getting the best quality we can find.
We have UNBEATABLE prices . . . we spend lots of time price comparing and also try to meet our bead supplier discount minimums so we can pass that savings on to you!

We have RARE semi-precious gem stone beads including:   Rainbow Calcilica beads, Gaspeite beads, Natural Coral, Branch Coral, Sugilite beads, Charoite beads, Blue Opal beads, Apatite beads, Yellow Opal, Mexican Fire Opal beads, Aquamarine beads, Chalcedony beads, Chrysocolla beads, Kyanite beads, Sunstone beads, Hessonite beads, Iolite beads, Purpurite beads, Mammoth Ivory beads, Emerald beads, Moonstone beads, Pink Opal beads, Ametrine beads Tourmaline beads, Hemimorphite beads, Peridot beads, Rhodochrosite beads, Ruby Zoisite beads, Spiny Oyster Shell beads,Varisite beads, Chrysoprase beads.

We have the largest selection of American Turquoise to be found on the WWW and specialize in gemstone beads found here in the USA . . . some of the turquoise beads we carry include: Kingman Turquoise beads, Number 8 Turquoise beads, Morenci Turquoise beads, Castle Dome Turquoise beads, Fox Turquoise beads, Carico Lake Turquoise beads, Dry Creek Turquoise beads, Lone Mountain Turquoise beads, Tyrone Turquoise beads and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise beads.

Some of the USA stone we carry include:
Wild Horse, Hickoryite, Petrified Wood, Oregon Opal, Owhyee Jasper, Salt River Serpentine Beads, Septarian Nodule beads, Utah Fossilized Dinosaur bone beads, Utah Tiffany Stone beads, Wonderstone beads and more . . . We also carry a HUGE assortment of gemstone heisi and shell heishi and everything the creative jewelry maker or jewelry designer will need in the way of pendant beads, cabochons for wire wrapping and specialty stones!

Don't overlook our HUGE selection of gemstone cabochons in every stone we've already mentioned and a few we haven't, like Larimar, Fossil Coral, Gaspeite, Chrysocolla with Malachite, Swedish Blue, Green Prase, Pietersite, Lemon Chrysoprase, Petrified Palmwood, Bruneau Jasper, Rhyolite, Owhyee Jasper, Rocky Butte Jasper, Sage Amethyst, Stefoinite . . . and more!!!

We also have cabochons in all the American Turquoise stones mentioned above and a few more:
Blue Gem Turquoise, Crescent Valley Turquoise, Spiderweb Turquoise, Chinese Turquoise, Cripple Creek Turquoise, Damele Turquoise, Pilot Mountain Freeform Turquoise Cabochons, Pixie Turquoise, Royston Freeform Turquoise Cabs, Hachita Turquoise, Natural Bisbee Turquoise and Natural Turquoise Mountain Turquoise.

Here are a few reasons to shop with us:

  • 90% of our products are hand-selected to provide you the highest quality
  • We spend a lot of time, researching and traveling to find rare and hard-to-find stones
  • We buy from a large variety of suppliers and therefore carry a large selection of "less common" items
  • On some of our specialty cuts, we offer the ability to buy 1 bead as opposed to an entire 16 inch strand so that you may still acquire the needed beads for a jewelry project from the more expensive stones, without the investment of purchasing an entire strand.
  • We strive to keep our prices low, let us know if you find something of the same quality, that was hand-selected, priced lower somewhere else and we'll adjust our price
  • There are no minimums whatsoever
  • We specialize in rare & hard-to-find gemstones, American Turquoise, gemstones from USA mines and Natural Coral . . . check out our selection!


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