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      Sonora Gold Turquoise is a recent discovery (2019) and comes from the mines near Cananea, Mexico.  This turquoise does not come in veins but rather individual nuggets in a clay deposit.  The colors are spectacular as they are super bright in tones of deep green, lime and blue/green mixed, only recently has material been found that is all blue.  This turquoise usually has golden brown matrix but also has lighter yellow matrix and host rock the peeks through the nuggets.  

      All of my Sonora Gold turquoise has been stabilized with the Zachery Method. The Zachery process improves the properties of natural turquoise without using artificial additives such as plastic. Zachery-treated turquoise retains gemological properties similar to those of untreated turquoise. As a result of this process, turquoise is more resistant to discoloration and oil absorption, and will take a better polish.

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