Turquoise and Water Falls in Albuquerque, NM (August 2019 Buying Trip)

Just got all the orders packed and will be shipped out tomorrow, after being gone to Albuquerque for 5 days on my annual buying trip. Thank you to the customers who made my 17th Anniversary Sale a success and I really hope you love the new beads you got at such great prices! One of my good friends went with me and we ventured up to Santa Fe via the Turquoise Trail, then took a half day driving trip through Jemez Springs and Falls on our way back to Albuquerque. My suppliers had just gotten home from the Santa Fee Indian Market and were also getting packed up for the Tucson and Denver Fall Shows.

I love going to the showrooms because I get to see everything they have, handing out on the walls and not stacked up on tables at a show. It makes it much easier to dig through the strand hanging on hooks so you can see everything that is way at the back. My Favorite Finds this year are: FF#1 for the first time ever, I was able to get a few of the Wampum Shell in matching earring slabs AND focal pendants ... so exciting after having Wampum beads this past year. FF #2 was of course the Wild Horse carved arrow heads and feathers (one pair of horses too). FF#3 was the most amazing and colorful strands of multi shaded New Lander Turquoise graduating rounded nugget beads ... WOW!! (only 7 strands of this).

Here is a list of everything, which I will be adding more quickly over the next two months (remember I'm trying to get everything listed before my twin grand babies come about mid-December).

  • Slabs in Earring Pairs and Pendant Beads in Wampum Shell!
  • Navajo Hand Carved Arrow and Feathers in Earring Pairs in Arizona Wild Horse AND Utah Tiffany Stone (mostly purple)!
  • Tons of Turquoise Earring Bead Pairs and Matching Slabs in Campitos Mexico and Kingman... and Navajo Carved Feather Earring pairs in Kingman.
  • American Turquoise Designer Mixed Shape and Graduating Potato Nugget Strands in McGinnis, Tyrone, Kingman and Elisa Mexico Turquoise
  • Graduating Nugget Beads in McGinnis and New Lander Turquoise.
  • Restock of the Egyptian Blue Turquoise with Red Matrix in rounded potato nuggets.
  • High Quality Chinese Turquoise calibrated cabochons in new shapes and sizes.
  • High Quality Loose Beads of Sugilite, Yellow Opal, Kyanite, Chrysoprase, Angelite, Chrysocolla, Seriphanite and Muscovite.
  • Bead strands of Azulirte, Hyckoryite, Peruvian Blue Opal and Chinese Turquoise Designer Shapes.
  • Chip Nuggets of Pink Tourmaline, Yellow Opal, Pink Botswana Agate and Chrysoprase.
  • Deep Purple Spiney Oyster Shell in two different bead shapes.
  • Turquoise shaped beads sold loose in Zuni Bears, Tyrone, Campitos buttons, large hole Number 8 and Campitos, Spiderwebb Turquoise barrels.
  • Focal pendant beads in Lemon Chrysoprase, Peruvian Pink and Blue Opal and Number 8 Turquoise.

Keep your eyes on the What's New pages and I'll be sending out my usual email updates too. Did I mention that I love my job and that God is good! Have a wonderful rest of your week, Terry