Tucson Gem Show 2021 Report and what new stones are coming to SNS

Wow it definitely was an unusual year for Tucson Gem Shows in light of world virus situation.  My shopping friend Debbie Williams and I did manage to take a day trip and visit some nice scenery out in Arizona as seen here!  None of the International vendors came (at least that I could tell) so shopping was very different.  There were only 25 venues as opposed to the usual 40+.  Of course I only shop at the wholesale places and most of them were still open, however the shows were all half the usual size.  You would think that pickins would have been slim, but I have to say that it may have been one of the best years for finding nice, high quality stones and a few NEW finds as well.  I found that with my regular International suppliers gone, I had to venture into new places and I actually found some great things.  As of right now, I have only unpacked my hand-carry delicate box and am waiting the arrival of the other shipped boxes.  Just from memory here are a few things to look forward to ... my supplier who cut the great White Buffalo last year, went and did it again and I was the first to arrive at their booth so I have some great strands of chunky rounded nugget beads and a bunch of focal pendant nuggets, as well as restocking the heishi and round beads.  I found some amazing Thulite in high quality rounds (added today) and some graduating faceted rondell strands, very limited supply.  Amazing Peruvian Shattukite graduating rounded nugget strands that are very gemmy in color.  I stocked up on a lot of the tiny size micro faceted 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm sizes in my rare stones; various opal, seraphanite, lapis, turquoise and more.  As for Turquoise finds, all I can say is AMAZING.  I went all out on the Royal Beauty turquoise in various shapes and sizes because I found it in the pastel blue shade of Dry Creek turquoise.  I also got some great White Water turquoise and Sonora Gold turquoise in nuggets and wheels as well as calibrated cabochons.  I found some Natural Sleeping Beauty in various shapes.  I stocked up on about 8 varieties of the tiny undrilled turquoise tumbled nuggets.  Well as I unpack my boxes I'm sure I'll find many more things that I forgot to mention here. The Volume Tiered Discount has been reactivated storewide on the site so happy shopping ya'll.

Tucson Gem Shows 2021