This American Turquoise Nugget Bracelet ROCKS!

American Turquoise & Gemstone Nugget Treasure Bracelet Design

This is one of my own personal treasures . . . it will blow your mind! All of the sterling silver wire work has been done by Terry mom, Ann and also her daughter, Shelby Rich. Over the year's she has been collecting little nuggets and stones from every American mine she can find and one by one, adding them to this bracelet. The American turquoise is so amazing and includes rare finds like a hand carved Kingman Turquoise turtle bead, some tiny Orville Jack turquoise nuggets, the most brilliant green Carico Lake nugget, a rare Red Mountain stone and so many more . . . there is also Arizona Wild Horse, Utah Dino Bone and Colorado Amazonite on the bracelet. You can occasionally find nuggets and beads similar to these on our Turquoise Nuggets and Loose Beads - Turquoise pages or try some undrilled turquoise nuggets for wire wrapping too.