My favorite turquoise necklaces

Okay, like most people in the turquoise business, I do some hoarding of my own ... but it's not what you might think. My favorite style of necklace is a big loop that you can wrap multiple times around your neck. So guess what, I have a few of these in a few different turquoise shades and styles. Most of the time I make these with beads that are 6-7mm in diameter although if you were a bigger person, the larger diameter would work well too. These can run from 48" up to 70+" and will wrap 2 to 3 times around the neck.

Just wanted to share a few of necklaces from my personal stash. From top to bottom they are:

  • Blue Royal Beauty 6mm semi rounds
  • Pastel Blue Royal Beauty potato nuggets
  • Deep Green Fox 5mm buttons and rondells
  • Deep Blue Variegated 8mm rondells
  • and the Matte Kingman multi shaded potato nuggets

The beads from the Royal Beauty necklaces are still available GO HERE