Featured Artisan Jack Tapscott

Jack Tapscott loves to get American Turquoise from us and he creates some great looking necklaces from it.  Jack lives in Tennessee and operates a business that is online and has several locations throughout the state where he sells Historical and Handcrafted Jewelry, among other things.

Check it out at www.sportingtreasures.com

Over the years he has been sending me photos of some of the pieces created with beads from SNS and here they are;  Nacozari round beads with pyrite flecks, 3  extra large, beautiful #8 Turquoise nuggets strung Sterling Silver chain with Navajo sterling beads, this one he kept and wears himself and a graduated stand #8 Turquoise nuggets  (from you 3 years ago).

Jack shared his story with me on how he got started making jewelry - "I was a medical device rep in TN and KY for a multi national healthcare corporation for 30 years and also a marlin fisherman that made my own marlin lures. I started to add crystal beads to the lures, got interested in making some beaded necklaces for friends using antler, shell and turquoise and it changed my life forever. A few people approached me that were friends of friends and wanted something similar made. I put up a web site in 2012 and I became a juried artist in 2015. I make pieces because I love to do it. I give 25% of what I make to children’s charity auctions and to people I have never met but either saw them do a good deed or they were interested in a piece and could not afford it. My oldest customer is a 92 year old man that hangs them in his mountain cabin just because he likes them."

Jack is the kind of customer who appreciates good turquoise and keeps me out there shopping for more great things! 

Number 8 turquoise nugget  beads at www.StonesNSilver.com