Business update and StonesNSilver to celebrate 17th Anniversary on August 15th.

          As you all might know, I migrated the web site to a new platform last November 1st and it's been great using Shopify.  Slowly but surely I've setup the new site to cross-sell into other sales channels which include Amazon, Ebay and Etsy AND means I'm super busy with lots of orders ... from all over the place.  That being said, I have to apologize to multiple customers for making shipping errors like leaving a stone out or switching labels and going to the wrong address.  On top of that, the selling platform has "mis-synced" the inventory a few times making things more confusing and causing errors.  In addition to the learning curve and  bookkeeping from 4 sources, I've been trying to beef up my social media efforts (which is my least favorite thing to do) in order to keep up with the protocol for online selling.  Here I'm sharing some of the image collages that I've been creating for Facebook and Instagram posts.
          Things have changed and are still changing ... but StonesNSilver is still up and running by God's grace!  I am so thankful for this business that has blessed me with working along side my beloved Mom, Ann Willenborg and my amazing daughter, Shelby Stephens over the years.  It's fully supported me and also given me the freedom to serve the Lord through volunteering and helping people in need when the opportunity comes up.  At this stage, I am still making two annual buying trips to meet up with my long time suppliers and find all those wonderful and amazing God creations in stone.  I'll be leaving and going on my Albuquerque trip August 18-22nd where I'll mainly be beefing up my American Turquoise offerings in beads and cabochons.
          I'm ever so grateful to some of my regulars who have been with me from day 1!  Thank you so much for always checking to see what I have and for using my stones in your treasured designs. Please look for all the new Albuquerque finds  to be added during the fall months as ... I'm expecting twin grandbabies mid-December and will be busy helping out during Shelby's maternity leave!