Specializing in American Turquoise, Coral and Rare Gemstone Beads,
Focal Pendants and Cabochons.
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We have the largest selection of American Turquoise to be found on the WWW and specialize in gemstone beads found here in the USA . . . some of the turquoise beads we carry include: Kingman Turquoise beads, Number 8 Turquoise beads, Morenci Turquoise beads, Castle Dome Turquoise beads, Fox Turquoise beads, Carico Lake Turquoise beads, Dry Creek Turquoise beads, Lone Mountain Turquoise beads, Tyrone Turquoise beads and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise beads.

Turquoise & Rare Gemstone Info

All turquoise is stablized unless the description says "natural".