Specializing in American Turquoise, Coral and Rare Gemstone Beads,
Focal Pendants and Cabochons.
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All turquoise is stabilized unless the description says "natural".


We have the largest selection of American Turquoise to be found on the WWW and specialize in gemstone beads found here in the USA . . . some of the turquoise beads we carry include: Kingman Turquoise beads, Number 8 Turquoise beads, Morenci Turquoise beads, Castle Dome Turquoise beads, Fox Turquoise beads, Carico Lake Turquoise beads, Dry Creek Turquoise beads, Lone Mountain Turquoise beads, Tyrone Turquoise beads and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise beads.

We travel to hand-select all of our genuine turquoise beads, turquoise nugget strands and turquoise cabochons.  Selecting the highest quality we can find, choose from our selection of turquoise shaped beads, one-of-a-kind turquoise focal pendant nuggets and beads, turquoise specimens for wire wrapping and natural turquoise cabochon stones.

Turquoise & Rare Gemstone Info

Here are a few reasons to shop with us:

  • 90% of our products are hand-selected to provide you the highest quality
  • We spend a lot of time, researching and traveling to find rare and hard-to-find stones and the newest stones out there.
  • We buy from a large variety of suppliers and therefore carry a large selection of "less common" items
  • On the more expensive cuts and stones, we offer the ability to buy beads individually as opposed to an entire 16 inch strand so that you may still acquire the needed beads for a jewelry project, without the investment of purchasing an entire strand
  • We strive to keep our prices low, let us know if you find something of the same quality, that was hand-selected, priced lower somewhere else and we'll adjust our price
  • No Minimum order and fast next day shipping.
  • We specialize in American Turquoise, stones from the USA and natural Coral . . . check out our selection!

Turquoise & Rare Gemstone Info
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