Looking for a great family business that's so fun and gives you lots of freedom?

After taking quite some time to reflect and praying about it, I have decided that I will be selling my online business of www.StonesNSilver.com. First as many of my long time customers know, this business was started with my Mom, Ann who passed away over 6 years ago and was operated by myself and my daughter, Shelby who now has a different career path. That being said, it has been such a tremendous blessing to have shared it with both my Mom and daughter and it has also afforded me a lot of freedom being self employed. I am really looking to sell the business to someone who can put as much personal love and care into it.

I also would like to offer the sale to include complete training of all area including product photography, photo editing, e-commerce operations and social media, as well as I would accompany you to the Tucson Gem Show and show you how to shop and buy from my long time vendors.

Not only has this business supported me completely for 19 years but, it sustained a brick and mortar bead shop for 8 years. The business includes the website, fully operational Etsy and Ebay store with income from all three sales channels, an email list with over 1900 subscribers and has a successful presence on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  In addition to my social media presence and sales channels, I have been ranked very high on Google.com for the past 16 years in organic searches (not paid searches) on the search term "turquoise beads".  Try searching yourself ... today I was number 8 on the first page!  IF you're already in the turquoise business and thinking that you want an online presence, then this website will get you results IMMEDIATELY!   Not to mention other search terms as seen in the chart.

Things I love most about owning this business are;

  • I get to work at home with no overhead (only a cell phone & computer)
  • I work part-time hours and set my own schedule including vacations
  • I get to travel several times a year to go on buying trips (Tucson, Denver, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, etc...)
  • I absolutely LOVE finding the best stones available ... the shopping is so much FUN!

Yes it will be a big change for me, but I have some ideas for a new business (brick and mortar) here locally and now that I'm a Grammy (of twins), I don't want to travel so much.  I will probably continue to hand cut a small quantity of focal pendant beads just because I have all the equipment and it's something I enjoy (all though I don't get much time for it now).

If you are seriously interested in the acquisition of SNS, feel free to contact me at 512-581-1687 and I will discuss it further with you.  Happy beading ya'll, Terry Rich